Mentoring Update-Janet Holden

Post from Janet Holden:
Hi everyone! I hope that your mentoring relationship is going well and you always feel comfortable reaching out to your mentor or myself — we’re here for you!
A colleague recently shared a great article about Parent-Teacher conferences – I posted it on the blog for you!
Parent Teacher conferences give us an opportunity to build relationships with the families and guardians of our students (their children), so it is IMPERATIVE that we go into conferences with a positive attitude as tip number one explains!
I also agree that we need to be solution-oriented when going into conferences.  Rather than making statements about what a student does or doesn’t do… make sure that we have a solution to back it up or bring the parents/guardians in the fold to help solve the problem/issue!  As the reading recommends, ALWAYS CONVEY GROWTH MINDSET to parents and guardians when finding a solution to a problem or issue.
I hope that you all have successful and well attended Parent Teacher conferences!