Membership Involvement

Want to be involved?

Here is a list of ways to help the KATFACS Organization:

    • Serve as a KATFACS Representative in theĀ House of Delegates at Summer Conference
    • Serve as a Room Facilitator at Summer ConferenceĀ or United Conference
    • Help out with your district’s assigned committee
    • Be a conference/workshop Presenter
    • Serve as FCCLA Representative
    • Serve as Legislative Representative
    • Maintain and distribute the Membership Directory
    • Serve on the Executive Council
    • Serve as Financial Director (3-year term)
    • Run for Secretary (2-year term)
    • Run for President Elect

(continue on to President and Past President)

  • Serve on one of the K-ACTE Committees:
    • Nominating/Awards
    • Communications (Public Relations/Newsletter)
    • Legislative
  • Take a leadership role in K-ACTE
  • Take a leadership role in NATFACS
  • Take a leadership role in ACTE

Why Become a Member?

-Here are a few of the many reasons why you should become a member of KATFACS today.

  • Awards and Recognition for Outstanding Members and Contributors
  • Curriculum Development
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Strong Representation
  • Updated Information
  • Working relations with other divisions of ACTE
  • State and National Publications
    • Newsletters
    • ACTE Techniques Magazine

– Publicity and Promotion for Programs and Services of FACS Education

New members will need to fill out a New Member Application. A link to the form is available below. It is in pdf format and is downloadable to print from your computer. You will need to mail the applicationit to: K-ACTE, Attention: Kari Presley, 1200 S.W. Tenth Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66604.

This form is for NEW MEMBERS ONLY, NOT for renewing members. If you have any questions, please contact the K-ACTE office and speak to Kari Presley.

New Membership Application

All members who wish to renew their membership with the K-ACTE will receive an invoice from the National Association for Career & Technical Education. Current members should NOT mail payment for membership renewal to the state chapter.