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Reality Works Baby Promotional Offer

Reality works email I received this week. If your school is looking to update their RealCare babies or add RealCare babies into your program, this is something you might want to look at.


The true bi-partisan choice…a candidate for positive change!
No matter who you vote for…you can make real change in your community. Start by getting your first RealCare Baby for half price and tackle the tough issues of teen pregnancy and lack of parenting skills head on!

Get $350 off the first RealCare Baby 3 on any order with 2 or more Babies. And don’t stop at Baby only! If you are looking at refreshing your program, now is a great time for us to talk about the Total Parenting Experience. RealCare Baby 3 is just a part of this completely unique solution to teaching parenting education and childcare skills.

A vote for RealCare Baby is a vote for better parenting education and teen pregnancy prevention. Get your first RealCare Baby for 
half price now!


2012-2013 KATFACS Executive Committee

Below is a list of the 2012-2013 Executive Committee Members along with their duty. We thank these members for being a part of the KATFACS organization and volunteering their time.

District Representative Duties
B Connie Braun
C Sonya Anders Budget
C Brandi McClure Budget
D Ashley Zeller Marketing
D Kjerstine Vaughn web editor
EE Nolan Henderson Exhibits/door prizes/ Showcase
ew Jennifer Whitley UAC program assistance
ew Monique Litherlan
F Karen Burden membership
F Frankey Schmidt
G Myrta Billings registration
G Terri Renfro
H Merrita Combs retirement
H Kayla Taylor
I Jan Tamson Public relations
I Pam Babb
J Bobbie Qualls
J Katy Ulepich
Pres Elect Marla Sterling
Treasurer Laurali Masterson
Secretary Dana DeMarco
Membership List Verner Cartledge
Past Pres Dawn Lindsley