Executive Council

Past President Bobbi Qualls
President Kayla Taylor
Secretary Ashley Weber
Financial Director Laurali Masterson

KATFACS Committee Assignments

                                District Vice President        Assistant District VP       
District A Kathy Werner Amber Reifscheider
District B Vacant  Vacant
District C Vacant Vacant
District D Ashley Weber Heide Rippert
District EE Caitlin Callway Debbie Chipps
District EW Kathy Blair Jennifer Whitley
District F Jenette Turpin Kim Unruh
District G Julie Diepenbrock
District H Kacey Preston Merrita Combs
District I Renae Spangler  Jennifer Webster
District J Jillian Goodwin Pam Busch

Officers/ Representatives

Bobbie Qualls-Past President Constitution & Bylaws
Ashley Taylor Evaluations
District G Membership Directory
Janet Holden Mentoring Coordinator
Kayla Taylor Nominating
Kayla Taylor/Bobbie Qualls Program of Work
Bobbie Qualls/Kayla Taylor United Conference
Jennifer Whitley FCCLA Representative
 Kacey Preston Legislative Communications


Teacher Educators Jennifer Snell, PSU Sally Yahnke, KSU
KSDE Advisor Gayla Randel, FACS Pam Lamb, FCCLA

Constitution & Bylaws

Program of Work

 Goal 1: Program Improvement

Foster excellence in Family and Consumer Sciences Programs.
  • Develop Family and Consumer Sciences programs relevant to the needs and concerns of today’s rapidly changing society with emphasis on empowering individuals, strengthening families, enabling communities, and preparation for career in Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Emphasize the interrelationship of family and work.
  • Promote the development of career preparation in all Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum areas.
Goal 2: Professional Development
Promote professional involvement and foster the development of leadership skills among members.
  • Encourage increased member involvement and leadership development.
  • Provide resources for continuous improvement of Family and Consumer Sciences programs.
  • Recognize members, businesses, corporations, and other individuals for outstanding contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
Goal 3: Marketing Family & Consumer Sciences Education
Enhance the public perception of Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
  • Utilize marketing strategies to inform the public of the conceptual framework of Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
  • Communicate the involvement of the membership at the national level to local and state administrators.
Goal 4: Membership Growth
Promote membership growth and strengthen services to members.
  • Increase membership through recruitment of new members and retention of current members.
  • Provide membership services that are important to members.
Goal 5: Policy Development
Advocate national public policy to benefit Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
  • Work for stronger support of Family and Consumer Sciences Education with legislators and other policy-making bodies at the local, regional, state, and national levels.
  • Support collaborative relationship with other Family and Consumer Sciences organizations to achieve public policy objectives.
  • Seek working partnerships with business and industry leaders who can provide support for legislation affecting Family and Consumer Sciences Education.