2012 CPPSA deadline

March 15, 2012—last date to submit a CPPSA for Government and Public Administration; Travel and Tourism; Restaurant and Event Management and Visual Arts pathways to begin the Fall, 2012

(Information from the FACS E-NEWS October/November Edition, 2010 – Gayla Randel)



Thank you for your patience as the Pathways application has been unavailable in recent days.  The application is now accessible.
Please note that the deadline to submit new CPPSAs and maintenance applications has been extended to April 2nd, 2012.


Districts choosing to cancel an approved pathway for the 2012-2013 school year that was approved for funding in the Pathways system for the 2011-2012 school year need to complete the Pathway Delete Form located at http://www.ksde.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=lDVLmLyfO9w%3d&tabid=1660&mid=6562&forcedownload=true and mail to Kelsie Keleher by the extended deadline of April 2, 2012.  In future years, the deadline for this form to be submitted will be March 15.  A separate form needs to be submitted for EACH Pathway deleted.


In addition, districts need to log into the pathway system, click on “My CPPSA’s”, click on “View/Filter CPPSA’s” and under actions, click on “Cancel/Delete” next to the pathway they choose to delete.  Please remember that by deleting a pathway from the system and sending in the required paperwork, a pathway is no longer eligible for Carl D. Perkins funding or .5 weighted funding for that application.  If a district chooses to start the same pathway again in the future, it will be treated like a brand new pathway, and there will be a one year wait to become eligible for the Carl D.  Perkins funding.


Submit forms to:

Kelsie Keleher

120 SE 10 Ave., Topeka, KS 66612


This has a few updates. 
It has come to my attention that the following may not have been acknowledged as part of the pathway maintenance procedure so I am compiling this in review and as a reminder.  Please share with those who you feel would also benefit.  Thank you,   Gayla
  1. When is my pathway application for a new pathway due?  When is my pathway maintenance document due?
All pathway applications and pathway maintenance are due MARCH 15, 2012.  Time after the deadline can be permitted for those documents which have errors for correction; however a document must have been submitted by the deadline for this to take place.
  1. Do I have to complete a pathway maintenance document if I have an approved pathway now?
YES, all current pathways must complete maintenance annually to remain an active pathway, due March 15th
  1. How will my funding be affected if I miss the March 15th deadline?
A student in any Kansas course recognized by their local board of education counts toward FTE, however pathway maintenance is required for a continuation of an active pathway and thus related CTE funding for the 2012-2013 school year.
  1. What about changes I want to make to my pathway, how do I do that?
Any changes to advisory committee members (or their related data), course offerings, plan of study and/or articulation agreement is made through maintenance. The document works exactly as the pathway application did, but with minor usability features.
  1. What needs to be in my advisory minutes?
The advisory committee minutes are part of Section II as a part B.  IF you have a new application, any dates can be inserted and list “new application” in the text box. IF you have a pathway maintenance document, you will need to list your two advisory committee meetings by date and then discuss the main points of the meeting with decisions made indicated. The three-year improvement plan must be a part of the minutes. Refer to the Advisory Committee Handbook (page 9) for what this improvement plan is to discuss. IF you held your meetings and did NOT cover all three, please list that in your minutes as something that was not talked about but will be in the next round of meetings. Link to the webpage with the Advisory Committee Handbook — http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1660
  1. Do I have to have advisory committee meetings with a new pathway application?
You are not required to have any meetings prior to your application being submitted, but realize you will need to start having one THIS spring for the 2013-2014 reporting.  The 2013-2014 pathway maintenance will be completed during the 2012-2013 school year and will require two meetings, one in the spring (2012) and one in the fall (2012) or other arrangements based on local decisions about when meetings will be held. WHAT TO COVER?  See the Advisory Committee Handbook for what is to be discussed. Link to the webpage with the Advisory Committee Handbook–  http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1660
  1. Anything I need to know about course offerings?
Yes, several. Only the courses listed on the pathway design sheet (and corresponding codes) are recognized. Intro courses may be taught at the 8th or 9th grades, but use the high school code as provided on the design sheet and place an “X” in the funding column.  The first two numbers in the KCCMS code is the subject code you need to enter regardless of the pathway you are working with.
All FCS related pathway design sheets should be reviewed any course code changes.  This is especially true for the Human Services pathways.  Note that 22204—Human Growth and Development is expiring this year (2011-2012). That means 22204 MUST be recoded to either 45004 OR 45014.  The code 45004 the same course as 22204, but allowed a better alignment of code, description and competencies. There is also an “A” and a “B” version of the course.  The “A” version reflects a .5 credit limit; whereas the “B” version allows for a 1.0 cr version. The “B course includes all the competences from the “A” choice, but with additional, more occupational linked competencies.  Both have topic outlines, with “B indicating the additional competencies highlighted in yellow.   All code changes require completion within the KCCMS system before they will show up in Section III of your document.
  1. Can I use a code for more than one course? Can I assign any course credit desired? Does the title matter?
The design sheets for the pathways should be referenced for all codes and credit values.  They are found on all career cluster webpages under each pathway section OR in the 2012-2013 Career Cluster Guidance Handbook found on the CTE main page.  (Here is the webpage link. Scroll down to locate it:  http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=249 )  Only the codes on the pathway design sheet AND credit value will be approved in KCCMS, however note that any 1.0 cr course can be entered as a sequence of 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.  Also note the title and the description submitted.  The title, description and code must reflect the skill set competencies.  This means all titles are to reflect the skill set taught, and not limited to a specific product.  
  1. What’s with the A and B variations of some courses?
Due to the need to offer a variety of credit values, two courses were identified for some human services related courses.  A school will need to pick the one that aligns to their desired credit value and recode in KCCMS. Pathway maintenance will need to reflect these changes.  All codes changes require completion within the KCCMS system before they will show up in Section III of your document.
  1. Some courses have a “* by them, what does the asterisk mean?
All pathways are to indicate a core skill set. The courses that provide this core are indicated with the asterisk.  Family and Community Services now require both Human Growth and Development (45004 or 45014) and Family Studies (22208 or 22218) to be taught.  Early Childhood Development and Services require the Orientation of Early Child Development (19051) OR Family Studies (45004 or 45014)/Human Growth and Development (22208 or 22218) combo AND Foundations of Early Childhood (19052) to be taught. Pathway maintenance will need to reflect these changes. All course additions require completion within the KCCMS system before they show up in Section III of your document.
  1. Anything I need to know about the plan of study?
Any changes to Section III of your pathway (courses offered, title changes, etc.) will need to also be made in Section IV of the pathway maintenance document.  ALSO, note the post-secondary institution you have your articulation agreement with and ensure the year 13 courses WITH the articulated coursework (if it applies) are listed for that institution.
  1. What about state-wide articulation agreements? Do I have to call the school?
State-wide articulation agreements are in place for most of the pathways, if not all.   There is no need to call anyone as state-wide agreements are between the students of Kansas and the institution.  Agreements are listed at the top of each cluster webpage with a direct link to them.  If you select a state-wide agreement, ensure your plan of study reflects the agreement both in the name of the institution, their year 13 for their school AND any articulated courses listed.
  1. What if I want to have more than one agreement?
Any school can include any number of agreements, HOWEVER each agreement will need a separate plan of study also completed and included. 
  1. What if I still want to use my local agreement?
Any school can remain with a local agreement. The entire document with signatures will need to be uploaded as part of Section IV.  IF you already have an agreement uploaded from a previous year and want to continue it, only an extension letter needs to be uploaded reflecting the 2013-2014 school year.  See a sample letter on the KSDE website, under CTE Forms and Documents. Here is a link to the webpage, scroll down to “articulation agreements” and look for the “sample extension letter” title. http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1660
  1. What about certifications?
The only certifications the FCS related pathways has is the CDA (Child Development Associates) for the Early Childhood Development and Services pathway; and ServSafe Participant and ServSafe Certificate for Restaurant and Event Management.  TheKansas WorkReady Certificate is recognized for all pathways.
  1. What about credentials?
The credentials we are using for FCS is AAFCS pre-PAC.
  1. What about assessments?
The only pathway with an end of pathway assessment is Health Sciences. All others do not have one at this time.
  1. I can’t get the CPPSA to work right, who do I call?
All technical issues should be directed to pathwayshelpdesk@ksde.org  . Staffs who respond have access to the technical side of the process, I do not.
Gayla Randel, CFCS
Educational Program Consultant—Family and Consumer Sciences
Kansas State Department of Education
Lead ConsultantArts, AV Tech and Communications; Education and Training, Government and Public Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services
120 SE 10th Avenue—Topeka, KS 66612  785-296-4912   grandel@ksde.org